Parent Introduction

Dear Parents or Guardians,

Thanks for all that you do! Being a parent requires tons of self-sacrifice. Most of what you do for your child is seen by no one, and often not even appreciated by your child! But THANK YOU. On behalf of the faith community to which you belong—the Catholic Church—thank you! Because of you—and only because of you—your child will grow up Catholic.

Your role in the faith formation of your child is central. No one can replace you, not even a parish program. The parish programs are there to reinforce what you do at home. If you are engaged with your faith, chances are that your child will be, too.

In times past, parents often believed that it was the job of the parish to "teach their child about religion." But today we know that if a child has any chance at all of growing up with faith, it's because of the parents. Even then, children grow up and become their own people, don't they? You can only do what you can do, and the rest is a bit of a guessing game. Still, helping your child grow up Catholic is part of the great work of being a Catholic parent—or being married to one!

This site has resources to help you better understand your faith, weave it into your daily life, and share it with your child. Most of these resources are provided FREE of any charge, but we also recommend some resources that can be purchased.

We know that you have many things going in your life since you became a parent. If you're a single parent, you have even more to do! And if you're a couple, but one of you is not Catholic, then the "Catholic part" of all this is a little foreign (and possibly even a little strange in some cases).

We know what it's like. You've got a household to run, a job or two to keep up with, your own parents and family to keep track of, a couple of TV shows you like to watch, not to mention keeping groceries in the house and taking out the trash and recycling! So when the parish calls with a request (or sometimes a demand) that you take part in your child's program, we understand if you consider it a low priority.

And yet—this is a time of tremendous bonding between you and your child. Think of this as a real chance to grow together. Having faith and growing in your faith brings some wonderful happiness to your life: forgiveness, generosity, hospitality, a sense of hope, and most of all, a closeness to God. Friends, this will last a lifetime! Don't skip this process or cut it short because you're too busy now. All too soon, the time will pass and your children will be beyond your reach.

With Christian love and gratitude for ALL that you do,

Paul Canavese & Ann Naffziger
Directors of Growing Up Catholic

Guide for Parents and Guardians Who are Not Catholic