Household Faith Sharing

Sharing faith within your household may be a foreign idea for many of us, but it is a really wonderful way to help those with whom you live - and yourself - grow in faith. The trick is to insert this into your "already scheduled" household life. No need to set up special "prayer times" or "sharing times." These rarely work and often peter out after one or two. Instead, watch for opportunities to try the following ideas in your daily life.

Reduce Screen Time

Reduce the overall amount of time spent using phones, tablets, computers, and TVs.

  • You can't do this all at once, but over time, limit the use of outside media.
  • For example, begin by having the TV and phones off whenever you eat as a family.
  • Screen time is almost all "private time," but what makes a household click is having "shared time."

Reflective Talk

After an event such as sports practice or dance rehearsal, do "reflective talk." Simply ask questions of each other about the day and what's happening. This kind of daily talking IS faith sharing. It's an ancient practice and through it, believe it or not, the Holy Spirit touches you.

After a school event ends, such as a play, a game, or a test, draw your children into a discussion, asking:

  • what touched you about this event?
  • what memories do you have about it?
  • what really struck you in this?
  • what did you learn from this?

At first, such reflective talk may seem foreign to your children, but gradually they will become more conscious and aware - and what a great gift you're giving to your spouse and kids! They'll have this gift for the rest of their lives!

Question of the Week

Each week, reflect on a single question with your family.

  • Try drawing it from the Gospel for Sunday Mass, but don't be tied to that approach.
  • Make it provocative and draw household members into the discussion.
  • Post it on the fridge. Bring it up at supper.
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