Scope & Sequence

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Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6
Start with the Ending
What's the Word?
Take and Give
In Living Memory
We Are What We Eat
Mission Impossible
Focus on Learning
Sent on Mission / Sunday Sabbath
The Bible / Seasons & Stories
Responding to God’s Gifts
Remembering / Dying in Self-giving Love
Understanding and Receiving Communion
Following Jesus / Spreading the Good News
Scripture Reading
The Mission of the Twelve
(Matthew 9:35-10:14)
Jesus Reveals His Mission
(Luke 4:16-22)
The Widow’s Offering
(Mark 12:41-44)
The Last Supper
(Luke 22:14-20)
The Walk to Emmaus
(Luke 24:13-35)
The Promise of the Holy Spirit
(John 14:15-21, 25-27)
Getting to Know the Rite
Introductory Rites
(Greeting, Penitential Act, and Gloria)
Liturgy of the Word
(Readings and Homily)
Profession of Faith, Prayer of the Faithful, and Offertory
Eucharistic Prayer
Lord’s Prayer, Sign of Peace, and Communion Rite
Blessing and Sending Forth
Prayer Celebration
Jesus Wants Our Help
Song: "Simple Plans"
Called to Love
Song: "Love the World"
One Body, Many Parts
Song: "What You Got"
All Together
Song: "All Together"
Bread of Life
Song: "I Am the Bread of Life"
I’m Sending You
Song: "Traveling Mercies"
At Home This Week
Sabbath & Sunday plans / Practice prayers
Using the Bible at home
Gratitude, money, and generosity
Sharing supper / Planning the party
Practice receiving / Meal prayers
Invitations / Preparing to all receive
Catechism of the Catholic Church
#831: The Church is sent out by Christ on a mission to the whole world.
#1154: The liturgy of the Word is an integral part of sacramental celebrations.
#1351: From the very beginning Christians have brought bread, wine, and gifts to share.
#1366: The Eucharist is a sacrifice that re-presents (make present) the sacrifice of the Cross.
#1382: To receive communion is to receive Christ, who has offered himself for us.
#768: The Church receives the mission of proclaiming and establishing the Kingdom of God.