Two Resources to Make Eucharist Come Alive

Whether you are preparing children for First Eucharist or want to revive an appreciation for the Eucharist and Mass among all your families, these resources are the perfect solution. Plus, you can use them at the same time, and in the same events!

Why We Start with the Ending

Inspired by Pope Benedict XVI, our resources examine the Mass through the lens of the dismissal, connecting Eucharist to missionary discipleship. We use the image of the catapult to emphasize how we are launched back into the world at the end of every Mass to help God on an important task.

Session by Session

Learn how our curriculum breaks down learning about Eucharist across six engaging sessions. It steps through each part of the Mass, helping families connect them to daily life and our mission in the world.

See It for Yourself

Take a look at the family booklets, videos, and more for the first session.

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

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